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When I'm drunk and my best friend says she feels fat & ugly


When someone asks why I don’t like going to work


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When I get my hair washed at the salon


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it’s like you are the only person i know
but i really don’t know you. it’s okay.
when you told me to stop.
i never stopped, if anything the drugs got worse.
you just have no idea
so i guess when i ask you not to do something i don’t like
it’s okay that you won’t stop either.
but you know i don’t trust you and i get jealous.
i know i am not a perfect person,
i should have done MANY things different.
but they haven’t invented time machines
and you aren’t perfect either.
it just makes me angry i spent four years lying to myself, and you
i just need to be alone for a while.
if not the rest of my life.

#break up